Welcome to the Green Game! Play the interactive sustainability game and learn...

The creative industry now boasts another serious game: the Green Game.
By answering multiple choice questions you can determine your own awareness of and knowledge about sustainability. You can easily access the questions by clicking the buildings (with flag and glow) around the market square. The size of the orange tree in the Green Square shows you how well you are doing. Good luck!
In addition, you can work on your marketing skills - especially 'Green Marketing'. Using Green Marketing is a new opportunity in strategic marketing. A must-have for every sales person. By clicking the office tower - the Marketing Tower - you arrive in the lobby of the tower and for each level can answer different questions. There are five levels, ranging from the basic level to the highest awareness of strategic marketing (level 5). At what level do you operate? Test your expertise and boost your marketing efforts with new insights into green marketing.